Documenting climate change in Uttarakhand

The economy of the mountain communities of Uttarakhand is largely dependent on its natural resource base and climate-sensitive livelihoods like subsistence agriculture, pastoralism and forestry. However, the impacts of climate change are visible in mid- and high- altitude regions in the shape of changes in ecosystems and changes in seasons.  These changes have both positive and negative effects on resource-based livelihoods. There is a need to identify the changes that are currently visible in the mountain regions, analyze them and help the local communities to adapt to them.  
This project ‘Documenting Climate Change in Uttarakhand’ is funded by Himmothan and has collected information from local communities about possible climate related changes and help increase their resilience to climate change. It’s stated objectives are:

  • To document evidence of possible climate related changes in Uttarakhand’s mid-Himalayan mountain region.  
  • To assess the likely impact of the observed changes on natural resources based livelihoods.  
  • To outline the possible scope for adaptation

The report is available here and the information collected during the surveys is available here.


Developed by: People's Science Institute, Dehra Doon, Uttarakhand, India