A study of the impact of hydropower development on water quality
Hydropower development invariably means the obstruction of a river. The flow in the river is retained upstream of the dam or barrage along with all that the river brings. These sediments, leaf litter, micro-organisms, and pollution are accumulated upstream, while downstream the river is robbed of this matter. What is the effect of these changes on the quality of the water? How does it impact the ecosystem?

To answer these questions, it is first necessary to quantify the changes that are occurring. PSI is collecting water samples at 12 locations along the Bhagirathi and Alaknanda river systems and analysing them to determine if there is a measurable difference in water quality upstream and downstream of a dam.

The project is a part of the Living Ganga Project and is funded by the WWF and the HSBC climate partnership

Developed by: People's Science Institute, Dehra Doon, Uttarakhand, India