Assessment of the status and impact of proposed hydropower development in the
Uttarakhand Himalayas
Uttarakhand is being promoted as an ‘Urja Pradesh’. The Government of India has promised ‘power for all by 2012’, while the state government looks at hydropower projects as the quickest means of bringing ‘development’ to the mountain people. The people protest that their interests are being sold by the state. The rivers quietly cease to flow.

In a world where even conflicting statements might have a grain of truth, it is necessary to have all possible facts at hand before deciding upon a stand. In this project, PSI is developing a comprehensive situation analysis report of hydropower development in Uttarakhand. It aims to explain what the hydropower development plan entails, analyse the plans and their impacts, and recommend ways of minimizing the negative impacts.

The project is a part of the Living Ganga Project and is funded by the WWF and the HSBC climate partnership.

Developed by: People's Science Institute, Dehra Doon, Uttarakhand, India